Book Review: Victoria and the Rogue by Meg Cabot 

By  Turn The Page

‘The tall, flaxen-haired lord brought colour to Victoria’s cheeks – not to mention a flutter to her pulse. He was so handsome. What girl would not blush? And he was flirting with her!

Lady Victoria Arbuthnot has always done exactly what she wants. So she’s delighted when she bags drop-dead gorgeous Lord Malfrey before she’s even got off the boat from India. But then a dashing young sea-captain starts spreading stories about her man. Could it be that Vicky’s happy-ever-after with Lord M. might not be so happy after all?’

Have I mentioned how much I love Meg Cabot?

Love. As in, I-have-read-almost-every-single-book-of-hers-many-many-times and I always want more.

Victoria and the Rogue is one of my top favourites among hers because, unusually for Meg Cabot, it’s a period setting – fun and flirting in the 19th Century? Yes please.

Victoria is a sassy, independent heroine with an endearing bossy streak. Practical to the core, she has no time for female swooning fits, or day-dreaming about handsome men. Victoria’s mission in life is to help people with her sound (if often  unwanted) advice. I just had to laugh at how Victoria went around re-organising everyone’s life (for the better of course) so subtly that no one even notices. Victoria cannot help helping people and I was amused that her bossiness had caused her rather alarmed bachelor Uncles to ship her of to another country for some peace.

There are lots of delightful moments in this book – I especially enjoyed the sisterly relationship that developed between Victoria and her cousin Rebecca, and Jacob Carstairs!

I’ll let you discover Jacob Carstairs for yourselves, but I will say I don’t blame the poor girl finding herself all hot and bothered and tongue-tied around him once he turns on the charm.

You don’t really need me to sell a Meg Cabot book to you do you? There’s romance, balls, gowns, scandal, a handsome rogue and even a spot of kidnapping. What more could a girl want?