Book Spotlight: Trust Shattered by Peter Serefine 

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Book Spotlight: Trust Shattered by Peter Serefine

“Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal,” authored by Peter Serefine, uncovers the disturbing pattern of governmental actions betraying citizen trust and liberty. Through historical and recent examples, Serefine highlights the impact of government overreach, from unauthorized medical experiments to damaging economic policies. This book is a wake-up call for accountability and the protection of constitutional rights, making it a must-read for those who value liberty and integrity in governance.

About Author Peter Serefine

His passion for safeguarding the principles of freedom and justice has driven him to become an influential author and speaker.
“Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal” is his latest endeavor to awaken society to the subtle erosions of rights and liberties that threaten the fabric of democracy.

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