Book Spotlight: Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal by Peter Serefine 

By  Turn The Page

“Trust Shattered: Cases of Government Betrayal” is a piercing examination of the United States government’s historical and contemporary oversteps against the very citizens it vows to protect. Authored by Peter A. Serefine, Jr., a U.S. Navy veteran and constitutional educator, this book scrutinizes the paradox of a protector turned predator through detailed accounts of government misconduct.

Serefine dissects a series of harrowing episodes, from clandestine experiments on unsuspecting individuals to the systematic erosion of civil liberties and property rights. The book is meticulously structured into three gripping sections, each reflecting one of John Locke’s core principles—life, liberty, and property—drawing a thread from philosophical foundations to tangible historical events.

About Author Peter Serefine

Allow me to introduce Peter Serefine: a U.S. Navy veteran, devoted U.S. Mail carrier, Certified Instructor for the Institute on the Constitution, and a Patriot Academy Constitutional Coach. Peter epitomizes the spirit of service, having served both his country and his community with unwavering dedication.

With a high school education and an essential role as a Pennsylvania State Constable, Peter is deeply rooted in his community. He stands as a representative of the diminishing middle class, carrying the aspirations and concerns of his fellow citizens. It was in the midst of the turbulent political landscape of 2016 that Peter felt a profound calling to be an agent of change. This calling led to the creation of “Progress, Really?,” a platform designed to spark critical thinking about the direction of societal and political progress.

However, Peter’s impact reaches far beyond this initial endeavor. His insatiable passion for enlightenment inspired the establishment of the Liberty Lighthouse, a beacon of insight for those navigating the intricate landscape of today’s world. But Peter wasn’t satisfied with merely inspiring through words. He took a step further by creating the online Liberty Lighthouse Classroom, a virtual space where he shares the principles of constitutional governance to empower others on their journey.

Balancing a demanding full-time job, op-ed article writing, and book publishing, All of these remarkable efforts unfold against the backdrop of his residence in a quaint Victorian town in Pennsylvania. Sharing in this incredible journey is Staisha Hancock, Peter’s cherished partner, whose unwavering patience beautifully complements his passionate political discussions.

Peter Serefine is the embodiment of dedication, a true advocate for knowledge and change, both within his community and far beyond. His life’s work is a testament to the unwavering commitment to the principles he holds dear, and his journey serves as an inspiration to all who seek to make a positive impact in our world.

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